Carport Replacement

Look at that Ugly Carport! Thinking of a carport replacement or maybe your very first carport?  Nothing lasts like a metal carport or building.

Welcome to our blog about steel metal carports and buildings and the companies that build them. Manufacturers and their dealers are just like carports and garages, they’re a lot of good, bad, and ugly ones out there. Maybe you would like to know more about the industry so that you will be a better-informed consumer.

You do? Good! As a dealer, we have been selling for various carport manufacturers for a lot of years now, and we are SHOCKED at what we have witnessed in this industry. So naturally, we will do some RANTING-N-RAVING about some of our experiences and customer’s experiences. On the other hand, there is a lot more good than bad – good products, good service, good people that truly want to do their best for their customers. We’ll write about that too.

The Consumer

What we are really doing is sharing and educating you the consumer. The best protection is knowing what to expect. The best shopping experience is knowing what you want and how to get it. Want the best product? Of course you do! Want the best price? We know how to get it. You want it when? Well, that ain’t going to happen! We’ll tell you all about what to expect in a good customer experience and why it is the way it is. Fair enough?

Thanks for stopping by 😉 now jump over to our DEALER SITE and take a look at what some of our customers ordered through us.

The Editor.